"I have found that if you love life, life will love you back." - Arthur Rubinstein

I Love…handstands, jeeps, vegetables, teaching, playing, dancing, sunsets, surprises, wisdom, yoga, no drama, anatomy, golden milk, art, silence, ocean, chocolate, laughing, painting, naps, arugula, singing, learning, Handsome Cash the cat, grandkids, family, 4 seasons, meditation, growing, LIFE! 

Practice Joy. Play Freely. Live Fully.

my personal yoga journey

For over 30 years, my guiding purpose has been to educate, inspire and encourage others towards a life full of good health and happiness – I am SO blessed!!

My journey with all things yoga began in the late ’90s when I found myself falling apart physically from “too much”.  Too much running, jumping, pounding my body with western fitness. I was a personal trainer and loved my career but my body was in need of something different.

Mentally and emotionally I was feeling broken from an infertility 3 ring circus.  A very personal journey with the practice and philosophy of yoga helped me arrive at peace with the fact that I was whole without a child. It taught me that I am blessed, not broken and I began to love myself again.

In 2000, I opened Fusion Yoga Studio in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and am incredibly blessed to serve a devoted community of faithful yogis. It’s an honor and a true blessing to share the journey with my students and I am devoted to continuously learning, sharing, and radiating knowledge for all to utilize and enjoy.

My students and stellar teachers have taught me so much and have inspired me to be a better teacher and person.  In 2020, when the world flipped upside down, I closed my physical studio and embraced the unknown in order to birth a new chapter in my life.  Providing a virtual landing place for like-minded, kindred spirits to gather and continue to walk the path of growth and evolution together.

I am excited… thrilled… overjoyed to be in creation mode again – it’s my happy place!

Both student and guide

My deep passion is to humbly serve seekers of yoga, meditation, and creative expression by sharing and imparting the teachings as a way to explore, heal, and deeply reconnect with our bodies, minds, and spirits. Through the practices of moving, creating and meditating, we are provided a means to begin to awaken more fully to daily experiences, internal wisdom, and our highest possibilities. As a deeply intuitive artist who believes wholeheartedly in the inherent capability we ALL possess to create, I’m passionate about sharing my vision and supporting all in manifesting their voice through movement, art and meditation.

Beyond the Body, Into the Heart

The hope for each student is that they experience a journey that goes beyond the body and pierces deeply into the heart. My teaching is influenced by alignment-based yoga and the associated philosophy,  pranayama, meditation, pilates, dance, strength building, creativity, my inner wild child, and my life’s experiences.

I seek to fully embrace this life.
To dwell in possibilities.
To embrace the moment.
To listen with an open heart and mind.
To be vulnerable and compassionate.
To remember my connection to all.
To honor my body and acknowledge my feelings.
To play with abandon and express my creativity daily.
To practice gratitude and remember that who I am and what I have is enough.

– Marsha's Personal credo

Practice Joy. Play Freely. Live Fully.

education & experience

I’ve fully embraced the opportunity to share knowledge, wisdom, & creativity! The online yoga practice platform, meditation course, and creative workshops are currently broadcasting from my home yoga studio and art studio. All this creative expression and support for wellness has been brought forth through much education and life experience……


  • Studio Elite Artist Mentorship with Jodie King
  • 500-hour E-RYT certification in yoga,
  • Anusara certified, over 1000 hours
  • Anusara Yoga Therapeutics 500 hours
  • Yoga for Mental Health and Wellness, Yoga Medicine
  • McLean Meditation Academy Certified 
  • The Chopra Center, Primordial Sound Meditation Certification
  • Intuitive Artist influenced by: Jodie King, Flora Bowley, Melody Ross, Wyanne Thompson, Whitney Freya, My Own Soul


  • Studio Owner (20 years)
  • Yoga Teacher Trainer
  • 15 + years of hosting yoga retreats
  • 30+ years of teaching in the health and wellness field.  Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Seniors, Yoga for Athletes, Tin Man Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Pilates, weight training, personal training 
  • Co-founder of The Brain Train:  7 Tracks to Preventing Dementia
  • Co-founder of Flight School – Women’s Empowerment Experiences
  • Co-founder of Elevate – Tools for a More Awakened Life
  • Conference presenter: Field of Yogi’s, RNL, Rockwell Collins, Women in Nature, Hi Yoga
  • Public speaking at corporate events, conferences, and retreats
  • 2017 CBJ Woman of Influence award


I extend deep gratitude to all the wonderful teachers that have crossed my path and encouraged and inspired me to see the beauty and live yoga & life fully. Inga Baugh, Lilias Folan, John Friend, Desiree Rumbaugh, Moses Brown, Ross Rayburn, Amy Ippoliti, Betsey Downing, Suzy Hurley, Martin Kirk, Rodney Yee, Sarah McLean, Deepak Chopra, my loving Mother, Evelyn

FAMILY: I can't share a page about what I love without adding my family.

Cool Cat Cash The Siberian
My wonderful husband Russ, our two sons, Grant &Tyler, daughter-in-law Kellyn, grandkids Hayes, Sloane & Van (newest gift)
Grandson Van