Your life Is a work of art. You get to create a masterpiece!

You already have all you need to create.

Creativity is so much more than painting on a canvas- you’re SO good at this already!

Many of life’s challenges require creative solutions that you come up with every single day. Creativity –in all its many forms— can change the way we think, ‘be’ and navigate our unique lives. Our creative spirit is what creates change … helps us break out… get unstuck ….. and literally attract new opportunities. It’s what keeps us motivated and challenged to go on, become more than we ever believed possible.

My Creation Story... Paralyzed by Perfectionism

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"Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul" – Alice Walker

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Permission To Play

This event is a playful way to investigate your own creativity

We’re all born creative, but as we grow older many of us forget this about ourselves.

Remember finger painting, when you created something for the sheer joy of it, not because you were trying to make “good” art?

This one day playshop will spark creativity inside you and bring forth a new zest for life.

Unleash Your Inner Artist and live big

It’s time to paint BIG and live BIG.

Are you longing for a new way to express yourself, recharge your soul, and bring more color into your life?  If you’re ready to explore the immense power of art to transform your life, look no further than Marsha’s magical  painting retreat. Dive into a world of color, inspiration, and pure joy as you silence your inner critic, embrace your creativity, and learn from an experienced mentor. 


Come on into my gallery!

Take a peek at my creations.

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“Your choices shape your life. You are the artist. Your life is the canvas. Intention is your paintbrush.”

– a wise art guru

My Inspiration, My Work.

I believe we are all divine creative beings and the highest quality of life is incredibly full of art and creative expression. The spark of life is creativity.

As an intuitive artist, each session begins with a special little ritual that is based on intention. I light my favorite candle, sit in front of my blank canvas, drop into meditation. I ask for guidance to create something that will contribute to more joy, beauty, and goodness in this world. 

Then I just wait…I get out of my own way and see what comes through. Shapes, colors, images begin to appear and I have learned to trust in my vision and just pour it out on the canvas.  Music inspires me also so I turn on the tunes and I find myself dancing and painting, singing and painting, praying and painting.  It’s so important to me that each creation is soulfully inspired. When I feel it is complete, I ask for blessings on this creation and for the person who one day will own it. May it bring, health, happiness, and healing to them.

My relationship with the canvas and painting has changed so much since I first attempted to paint.  Once paralyzed by perfectionism and afraid to make a mark on the canvas, I now freely create without overthinking,  am daring, exploratory, brave, and bold with my creation time.

The added bonus is that this has spilled over into the rest of my life and shows itself in my ability to take risks, try new things and realize that there are no mistakes, it’s all simply learning opportunities.

The process of art is about change, growth, transformation, and trust.  Every single time you step up to the canvas there is the opportunity to let go, seize the adventure, be brave and embrace the mystery, to offer yourself patience and grace. You will not only tap into a deeper level of inspiration, confidence, and intuition, but will begin to see how life supports personal success when you step into creative power and authentic expression.

living room with an artwork

"Create beauty with every day you are given"

– Elizabeth Gilbert

Marsha's Art Beginnings

On a cold winter day as I approached my 50th birthday, I heard a voice saying, “You need a hobby.” Off to the craft store I went, arriving home with paints, brushes, and canvases.  Now what???

After viewing a few “how-to” videos on Youtube I find myself staring at a blank canvas…paralyzed by perfectionism. What have I done? What if I waste this canvas? What if what I make isn’t pretty enough to hang on a wall? My inner critic had her megaphone out.

A wonderful online class set my creative force free and transformed the fear into fun, taught me to enjoy the process rather than focus on the outcome. I merged my meditation practice with the creation time and it was amazing to see what emerged on the canvas when I tapped into Divine source. It was only the beginning of my new love affair with paint, color, play, exploration, creating…living life from a more colorful place and not afraid at all to go outside the lines. I love helping others tap into their divine creative gifts by sharing my journey back to intentional creativity

"Life is pure adventure and the sooner we realize that the quicker we will be able to treat life as art"

– Maya Angelou