"Within you, there is a stillness and sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself" - Hermann Hesse

Meditation is a way to calm your nervous system so you can release stress and live a calmer life. It is a date with your soul and a way to tap into your incredible potential. Peacefulness is inside of us always. It never goes away.. we just move away from it because of busy minds and busy lives.  Each soul has the capability to meditate and reunite with this peace.

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Power of the Pause: Meditation Course

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Power of the Pause is an uplifting, inspiring, and informative course that will assist in integrating meditation as part of daily life– direct benefits are reduced stress levels, increased clarity, and it definitely promotes happiness! This course is designed for real life and real people managing everyday challenges.

  • Backed by modern research, you will discover how meditation works at a physiological level to change the structure of the brain
  • Taught in a fun, refreshing, interactive style, this meditation course is for everyone, presented in a non-intimidating environment, beginners are welcome
  • Led by an experienced certified meditation teacher who uses ancient wisdom teachings in a non-religious technique with straightforward instructions
  • Introduces you to your power through the time spent in the pause and connect you to that peaceful place that resides inside
  • Reignites your passion for life as you experience greater health and wellbeing
  • Returns lightness and playfulness to your world as you release stress
  • Assists with clarity of purpose

Meditation promotes inner peace, creativity, inspiration, harmonious relationships, fulfillment, better health, and increased self-awareness. The mainstay of the program is breath awareness and silent sound meditation, both of which direct attention inward and help to reconnect with your center point of peace and is for beginners or those seeking to return to meditation.

I am continually inspired by the beauty of the human spirit, the ability of the body to heal, and the innate unconditional bliss that lies in each of us. I obtained meditation certification from The McLean Meditation Academy and The Chopra Center, have been delivering yoga and meditation leadership and teachings for 30 years, and have had the pleasure of teaching over 1000 people to meditate. I am excited to now share this experience online with you.

I have always enjoyed life… but it was not until I started to consistently meditate that I fell deeply in love with the full spectrum of my life.

As the butterfly struggles to emerge from the cocoon, it is the struggle itself that makes it strong enough to fly. That story explains my journey with meditation. Like the butterfly, my struggle has made me stronger and also made me an excellent meditation teacher.

I can relate to those who find the practice of meditation challenging or intimidating. Because I understand what it takes to transform meditating to a natural and ease-filled daily practice, I teach through example how to meditate in the most simplistic way. Participants reflect that I am patient, supportive, encouraging, inspiring, and the light-hearted teaching style is fun, refreshing, and entertaining. My attentive style is in tune with my students and focuses on making everyone feel comfortable and capable.

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power of the pause meditation course

About Marsha

Meditation was something I longed to do but oh, did I struggle with developing a consistent practice! I would go on lovely yoga retreats and so enjoyed how I felt with the meditation practices. I would promise myself that when I returned home this time…I would continue a daily practice. However, I would fall into the same old mindset: that I “sucked” at meditation. When I tried to do it on my own, I felt agitated and I found my mind racing. So I would quit…again.

I was conditioned to go, to do, to move, to be more… and stopping to be still was actually quite painful. My body and mind were like a car engine, revved up and in 5th gear from sunrise until my head hit the pillow at night. Downshifting was something I had to learn.

Then it happened: I found a teacher who changed my mindset and changed my life. I was finally able to meditate on a consistent, daily basis. I was so excited to share this new discovery that I obtained certification to teach meditation.

I learned that all the really important things in life are an inside job. Just like peace, compassion, kindness, courage, and love. Meditation assists, helping us cultivate these qualities in ourselves and our lives. It has held me in challenging times and propelled me into joyful celebration. The benefits of meditation show themselves in a multitude of ways, some of them surprising!

I have always loved life…but it was not until I started to consistently meditate did I fall deeply, and madly, in love with the full spectrum of life.

I seek to deliver a potent and accessible approach to a guided meditation by sharing wisdom and practice providedy within a virtual meditation course.


"Quiet the mind and the soul will speak."

– Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati